Growth of performance marketing during 2020 and expectations from 2021


The performance marketing space has seen an accelerated growth amidst the rise of SaaS platforms, along with the growth in popularity of affiliate networks. Increased dependence on new third-party tools has also aided in the measurement of ROI from paid marketing activities. With consumer behavior changing in the post pandemic era, ROI measurement should comprise both long-term and short-term strategies going into 2021.

In the current times, brands which are entirely functional in the online space are not just concerned with brand awareness – they are also focused on getting performance driven results through their marketing activities. With advanced analytical tools, advertisers now have the freedom to pay for achieved results. This is what is expected from performance marketing, wherein, the advertisers disburse money, based on the generation transactions or qualified leads by marketers.

In 2020, a lot of customer value generation was being achieved through an increased focus on personalized messaging, and efforts on human-centered marketing involving micro-influencers and social commerce added the momentum for growth, establishing a deeper consumer connection.

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