How to Make Money With Clickbank


If you’d like to make money with Clickbank, you’re not alone. Clickbank has a library of over 4,000 unique products that reach over 200 million customers around the world. Clickbank is an e-commerce platform that connects over 6 million digital content creators and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers.The platform works through an affiliate network, making it easy for its registered users to increase their visibility and promote their ebooks, online courses, videos, and music to more consumers.


There are two main ways to make money using Clickbank.

The first way is to create your own products and list them. The second way is to skip the product creation step and list other people’s products while taking a commission from each sale. Vendors can select a commission rate between 1% to 75%.

Selling Your Own Products on Clickbank

Clickbank makes it easy to promote your digital goods and services. You’ll be charged a $49.95 one-time activation fee for becoming a seller on Clickbank. After you’ve signed up as a vendor, you’ll list your product(s). Then, you’ll set the commission percentage you are willing to pay to anyone who chooses to market and promote your product for you.

Once your product is listed, other Clickbank users will start promoting it on their own websites. This will drive traffic to the sales page on your website and result in sales.

Clickbank Is a Tool for Generating Leads

If you’re selling a product on Clickbank, it’s a good idea to make sure that your landing page—the destination all your affiliates are sending traffic to—is user-friendly, sales-oriented, and has a clear call to action. Otherwise, visitors will simply click through and then navigate away from your website. While this will result in traffic to your website, it won’t generate any revenue for you.



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