Best Referral Marketing Examples

Now that you’ve seen how you can leverage referral marketing in your marketing strategy, it’s time to look at some good examples on how effective referral marketing can be executed.

You can also take a leaf out of their books and emulate their success.

1. Harry’s

In a post on Tim Ferriss’s blog, Jeff raider, the co-founder of Harry’s (a grooming company) describes step-by-step how they used referral marketing to acquire over 100,000 emails in preparation for their launch.

Harry’s created a two-page microsite that gave away different products to potential customers depending on how many friends they referred.

This was their campaign:


Their campaign was a roaring success, and today Harry’s is valued at over $350 million.

2. eJuices

eJuices is one of the world’s largest online e-cigarettes distributors. Billy Wilson, the founder, had started the company after meeting his current business partner Paul Davey. They initially started by selling vapes in retail stores, but decided to move the company online.

To grow the company, they looked for different marketing channels. They tried participating in trade shows, sold their products in-store and even built their own website.

But true exponential growth came when they started to use referral marketing.

Here’s their referral program:


Their customers love eJuices, and were more than happy to share about it with them. After observing the infinite loop of customers bringing friends, and their friends bringing friends, eJuices knew they had found their most powerful marketing channel.

Today, eJuices carries 1,700 brands with several million dollars in sales.


Referral marketing can be a powerful component of your marketing mix.

Don’t leave things to chance. Don’t wait for it to happen organically.

Try out some of the strategies mentioned in the article to help you increase your brand’s audience and customer base.