The best affiliate marketing vocation for 2021


Identifying marketing niches, meaning both a broader niche or a micro-niche, is the key to making money in the marketing business.

Can you imagine advertising tea and biscuits to Super Bowl fans around the NFL finals in the USA? Or, winter sports-equipment to Australians during the Australian Open? Exactly, neither can you. If you want to profit from digital marketing, these are the basics that never change.

Think about how the Black Friday Cyber Monday campaigns work around the world. What people expect are deals and discounts made just for the occasion. Time-limited, and BFCM-themed. Even though various deals can be found all-year-round, it’s what people always want to get. And that’s why listening to your potential customers and responding to audiences’ needs is the ultimate solution for people in the affiliate marketing business.

As we all know, there’s a number of marketing trends that can go viral within split seconds (yes, we’re looking at you TikTok). And although these may be worth a shot, they also carry a risk of being a short-lived and high-competition niche.

On the other side of that stick are the evergreen verticals, by many considered to be the best niches in affiliate marketing. What makes them so valuable, highly-regarded, long-lived, and well… evergreen?

Online marketing is a very broad subject and almost all products marketed online can fall into that field. That makes the topic of affiliate marketing niches a broad one, too. But the best affiliate niches are the ones that require minimum effort with maximum gain. Simply put, the easiest to optimize for positive ROI — the evergreen ones.

It’s worth noting that these niches aren’t evergreen solely because they belong to specific categories — like the health niche, dating, or car niche. In fact, these three examples are quite profitable and likely to make it to the evergreen group but for different reasons.

The main characteristics of an evergreen niche: 

  • wide and/or global reach,
  • year-round relevance,
  • product universality (allowing for micro-niches to exist within),
  • responsive target audience,
  • monetization potential.

Simply put, what counts is how many people you’re able to reach, and how easily you’re able to persuade them to your affiliate products — ultimately bringing you a conversion.

Some of the niches that can be identified as evergreen affiliate marketing niches or verticals can be found below.

Evergreen verticals in affiliate marketing:

✔︎  Surveys & Sweepstakes
✔︎  Gambling (including Casino and Sports Betting)
✔︎  Gaming
✔︎  Dating (mainstream and adult)
✔︎  Finance (also Trading, Binary, and Crypto)
✔︎  Health & Beauty (including Nutra)
✔︎  E-commerce

Naturally, these are general niches and a micro niche can be found for many of them. Still, if we were to recommend the best affiliate marketing niches for a newbie, these would be the best choices and the safest way to make money in affiliate marketing.

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