Want to build a brand like Musk, Branson? Nine digital marketing experts to tell you how


In the Digital Masters Conference, nine digital marketing experts will share their knowledge, expertise and experience.

What’s common between Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Gary Vaynerchuk? Apart from their success, it’s their personal brand that stands out. Earlier, branding was largely restricted to companies and organizations. But the internet has not only enabled individuals to build their own brands but also made it almost mandatory.

Digital Masters Conference (DMC) is a one-day intensive seminar scheduled on August 15, which will give you knowledge, strategies and the latest trends in the digital world to help you scale up your business. You will learn from experts on how to become a powerful personal brand, apart from understanding Influencer Marketing, Lead Generation Strategies, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization and more.

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