What are verticals in affiliate marketing: Affiliate Marketing Verticals explained


A vertical represents a specific demographic you can identify online. The defining traits of the demographic reflect in the way they use the internet. This shows their interests, which further imply the types of products they are most probable to purchase online. To put it simply – a vertical contains a segment of the general market and that segment‘s target customers. Verticals further divide the target audience with different traits, creating even smaller segments called niches. Niches, verticals, and offers are the key elements of any affiliate strategy.

Common Verticals and Campaign Types in Affiliate Marketing

There are a plethora of different interests people can have out there. A lot of these interests require different suppliesaccessoriesservices, etc. Hence, many different affiliate verticals arose, as well as the diverse ways they function. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Dating is a lucrative vertical since it targets a truly broad demographic, with ever smaller niche dating sites and apps being created each day.

Beauty is a huge vertical, which is nowadays often combined with skincare and fashion. As it is with dating, the competition among different companies is huge and affiliate codes aren‘t hard to come by.

Health and nutraceuticals have become some of the most popular verticals, especially since the pandemic of 2020.

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Consider all your options when picking your preferred vertical.

There are many other verticals, catering to different audiences and their interests. Some of the more popular ones include

  • Pets
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Home decor and improvement
  • Online education

There are also many ways to conduct an affiliate campaign. Here are some of the more popular ones

  • Product reviewscomparisons, and demonstrations with affiliate links included
  • Providing your audience with coupons
  • Blogging about topics of interests
  • Email marketing

How to choose the best vertical

Clearly, not everyone is the goal audience for every product. Advertising different products and services on the internet mean speaking to your audience in a way that reflects your entire online presence. In other words, you shouldn’t open an online general store, so to speak. There is a very small chance of success with that strategy. Before you start thinking about affiliate verticals, think about your own interests. List things you are most passionate about, interested in, or have some knowledge about. This way your business can be an extension of your own interests. This will give you the inspiration and drive to create high-quality content. Converting offers is possible even if you pick a topic you don’t find particularly interesting. However, affiliate marketing works on the principle of trust. Experience and genuine interest will give you the knowledge necessary to see right through shady companies and bad products.

Besides your own interests, there is another factor to look into. Namely, you should choose a field that is easy to grow in different directions. Let’s say you, for example, enjoy and have knowledge about nail care. It would be logical to further explore skincare, hair products, makeup, fashion, and different fitness programs.

As you can see, verticals should be there to give you some guidelines and inspiration. Still, it is important to allow yourself some creativity and build on your existing foundation if a good opportunity arises.

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