What is CPS?


Cost per sale or CPS is a kind of payment methods for promoting products, services or websites on the Internet. Merchants pay their affiliates for every sale. It means when transaction made by credit card is completed. This kind of affiliate marketing reduces vulnerability to frauds by banning IP addresses with fraudulent behavior. So, CPS method is one of the most cost-effective and fraud protective.


The full form of CPS is “cost per sale,” but what does CPS mean? For your affiliate partners, CPS is the cost to them (in terms of the commissions or payouts that they make to you) for each sale you make on their behalf.

This type of affiliate commission model means that your affiliate partners only make a payment to you when you achieve a successful sale – which is, of course, harder than achieving a non-monetized action from one of your prospects, and so, will usually require a rather different approach.

Commissions for affiliates who use CPS marketing are usually higher than those for CPA payment structures, reflecting the additional work and effort involved in converting a prospect into a sale.

CPS online and mobile marketing requires more effort and know-how on the part of the affiliate to achieve a sale, which means that doing plenty of research and writing up a step-by-step plan to follow in order to achieve your goals is a good idea, to provide direction on how to proceed and to maintain your momentum.

Strong calls to action, clickbait, teasers and of course, special offers and promotions can all help to enhance conversions and drive sales, and offering time-limited or one-off offers to mobile users who may only be browsing for a few minutes can help to catalyze impulse purchases for an immediate payoff.

It is once again really important to continually analyze and assess how things are going in terms of your audience reach and success, because achieving CPS commissions is harder work, but also, offers significantly better compensation for affiliates who are prepared to go the extra mile.

CPS mobile

Today’s top-earning affiliates who are committed to making lots of money with affiliate promotions understand the importance of targeting mobile as well as desktop users to drive traffic, increase conversions and boost sales.

CPS mobile marketing allows affiliates to target mobile browsers who use their phones for entertainment in their downtime or when on the move, providing an enhanced opportunity to get your content seen by casual viewers.

Affiliate CPS marketers often find that signing up with a CPS affiliate scheme and then allocating some of their time and effort to selling to mobile users produces the best overall yield and profit when compared to using the CPA/cost per action commission model, which pays out at a lower rate.

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